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vol16 No.4 Publish Date:2016-12-30

Analysis Method of Structural Equation Modeling
Alexey V. Burkov, Elena A. Murzina (1) details
Program-Target Approach Based on The Institutional Environment of Entrepreneurship in The Krasnodar Territory
Elena V. Korolyuk, Ekaterina V. Mezentseva (13) details
System of Criteria and Indicators for the Development of Resource-Based Multiclusters
Dmitry L. Napolskikh, Nina I. Larionova, Elena A. Murzina, Tatyana V. Yalyalieva (22) details
A new method in multi-criteria decision making with numerical values based on criteria reduction
Zhao-bin Li,Jian Liu,Zhuo Zhang, Si-feng Liu (29) details
Concordance of Private and Public Interests: Dynamic Graph Representation, Identification and Simulation Modeling
Andrey V. Antonenko, Olga I. Gorbaneva and Guennady A. Ougolnitsky (43) details
Fundamental Causes of Information Systems Vulnerability and Their Protection
Yerazak M. Tileubergenov, Kairatbek Kh. Shadiyev, Bakhytkali M. Koshpenbetov, Yermek A. Buribayev, Zhanna A. Khamzina (53) details
Method of Parametric Structural Synthesis of the Machine-assembly Departments
Anatoliy SERDUK, Aleksandr SERGEEV, Aleksandr RUSYAEV and SergeyKAMENEV (62) details
Specifics of Functional Planning and Architectural Organization of Religious Educational Complexes as a New Type of Educational Institutions
Olga Ivanovna Zhovkva (71) details
The Asymmetry of the Present-day Social and Demographic Conditions of the North Caucasus
Vitali S.Belozerov, Natalia A. Shchitova, VasiliyV.Chichikhin (81) details
Modeling the Outbreak of an Infectious Disease on a Heterogeneous Network
Mojgan Hajizadeh, Faranak Rajabi Vishkaie, Fatemeh Bakouie, Shahriar Gharibzadeh (89) details
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